Reusable Sign Riders


Assign a short code on your dashboard profile, choose a style, add it to your sign, collect leads!


How it works

ListReports offers reusable short codes to all of our Elite subscribers and their paired agents. We use a patent-pending geolocation technology that will allow you to choose your CUSTOM short code and order ONE sign rider that will work for ALL of your future listings! No more buying a new sign rider for each listing—it's one and done.

You can choose and assign your own custom short code from your Profile on the ListReports dashboard. Once you've chosen a code, place your order for your new reusable sign rider here.

When customers text your custom short code, they'll receive a link to the ListReports property website for a listing. We use our patent-pending geolocation technology to locate where consumers are and return the right property website. 

1. Go to your ListReports Profile and assign a short code. 

2. Select a sign rider color palette and style in SHOP.


3. Add it to your sign. 

4. Collect leads!


Color & Style Options

Please see color templates for style options.


Reusable Sign Riders

Reusable Sign Riders
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Please note: Your custom short code can be set in the Profile section of your Dashboard. The reusable sign rider print-ready file is available upon request through the Shop with printing and shipping starting at $40.