Facebook FastBlast • Open House

Facebook FastBlast • Open House


Facebook FastBlast for OPEN HOUSE is the fastest and easiest way to market and promote your upcoming open house. We target advertising to people near your listing and handle everything -- from creative to campaign management and reporting.  Your OPEN HOUSE will be marketed to hundreds of people in the area. 

Please complete a ListReport for your listing before you order. 


  • Your campaign will reach up to 1,000 people near your listing

  • Advertising will display on Facebook

  • Campaign will run for 48 hours

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How it works

 1. You have an Open House this Sunday. 

2.  Instantly target up to 1,000 local residents.

3. Get more people through the door!


What does my FastBlast look like?

Your ads are shown right on Facebook, either in the news feed or in the right-side rail. Facebook ads have a high engagement rate because they look like content and are highly targeted to the right audiences.

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